Falafel $5.95

Fried patties of ground chick peas, fava beans, with herbs and spices, Served with Tahini sauce.

Kibbeh Miklieh $4.95

Fried oval ball of cracked wheat and beef, stuffed with minced sirloin of lamb, onions and pine nuts.

Fool Modamas $7.95

Simmered fava beans and mashed with garlic spices, lemon juice and topped with olive oil.

Kashk-eBademjan $7.95

Grilled eggplant, carmelized shallots topped with homade yogurt reduction.

Cheese Pie $4.95

Baked triangular phyllo stuffed with imported white cheese.

Spinach Pie $4.95

Baked triangular phyllo stuffed with fresh sauteed spinach, feta cheese and onions.